Robotics Software Engineer

Udacity - Robotics Software Engineer Download

Udacity – Robotics Software Engineer Download

Robotics Software Engineer, Start your exploration of the globe of robotics software engineering using the ROS framework and C++ with a practical, system-focused attitude to programming robots. In addition, learning and applying algorithms such as location, mapping, and navigation to robotics software engineering.

Introduction To Robotics

Learn the vital robotics aspects, satisfy your teachers, and familiarize yourself with the instruments to assist you to succeed in this program.

Gazebo World

Learn how to simulate your first robotic environment with Gazebo, the world’s most popular robotic simulation engine.

ROS Essentials

Find out how ROS offers a flexible and unified software environment for the modular and reusable development of robots.


Learn how to use Gaussian filters to estimate noisy sensor readings, and how to estimate the position of a robot with Monte Carlo Localization (MCL) relative to a known environmental map.

Mapping and SLAM

Learn how to use ROS packages and C++ to produce a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) application. By mixing mapping algorithms with what you learned in the courses of localization, you will accomplish this.

Path Planning and Navigation

Learn various algorithms for path planning and navigation. Combine SLAM and Navigation into a home service robot that can carry items in your home autonomously!

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Real-world projects from industry experts

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1-on-1 technical mentor

Get a skilled mentor to guide your teaching, focusing on answering your questions, motivating you and keeping you on track.

A personal career coach and career services

In order to help you develop in your career, you will have access to career coaching sessions, interview tips, and resume and internet professional profile reviews.

Flexible learning program

Get a tailor-made learning plan to fit your busy life. You can learn at your own speed, along with simple monthly payments, and achieve your private objectives.

Robotics Software Engineer Download

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