The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects!

The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects!

The most full Master JavaScript course! JavaScript ES6 +, OOP, AJAX, Webpack, Projects, Challenges, Quizzes

What you are going to know
  • Go from a complete beginner to a sophisticated developer of JavaScript
  • Fundamentals for JavaScript and programming: variables, if / else boolean logic, loops, features, arrays, etc.
  • JavaScript asynchronous: a loop of events, promises, async / await, AJAX and APIs
  • A true understanding of how JavaScript works behind the scenes
  • Practice your fresh coding abilities (including alternatives)
  • Get quick and friendly assistance in the Q&A course
  • Code 3 lovely real-world applications (no boring toy apps here) with both ES5 and ES6 +.
  • Complex features such as the keyword ‘ this, ‘ function builders, prototypical heritage, first-class functions, closures
  • Modern 2018 JavaScript: modules NPM, Webpack, Babel and ES6
  • What’s new about ES6: arrow features, classes, parameters of default and rest, etc.
  • Use JavaScript patterns like modules to organize and structure your code
  • For all projects, downloadable presentations, code and resources
  • No coding experience is required to take free courses of this Udemy! I bring you to the specialist from the beginner!
  • Every computer and operating system is going to operate — Windows, macOS or Linux. We’ll set up the course for your text editor.
  • A fundamental HTML and CSS comprehension is a plus, but not a must! A 5-minute HTML and CSS crash course is included in the course.

* ** The Udemy course #1 bestselling JavaScript! ”

Outstanding free courses online. Jonas describes the key ideas that are generally glossed over in other lessons in javascript. And he does it in a clear and concise manner.”— John Collins… Would you like to know the language of programming number #1 that power the web?

Are you tired of using random youtube videos or JavaScript classes that are either too easy or too hard to follow?

Or do you struggle to comprehend JavaScript profoundly and apply it to actual projects?

If your reply is huge YES… then the course you’re searching for is precisely that!

So what’s the course?

This is a truly full JavaScript course, going beyond what you are taught by other JavaScript Udemy paid free classes.

I’ll bring you to a sophisticated developer from a full JavaScript beginner. Not only will you learn the language of JavaScript itself, but you will also learn how to program it. How to fix issues. How to use popular JavaScript patterns to construct and organize code.

Come on a trip with me with the objective of really knowing the language of JavaScript. And I explain it all in excellent detail on the manner!

In JavaScript, you will learn “why” something works, not just “how.” Because you need more than just understanding how something works in today’s contemporary JavaScript globe. You have to debug code, you have to comprehend the code, you have to think about code.

The course includes coding workshops, coding difficulties, lectures on theory, real-world projects, and a final course examination to accomplish our objective together.

This free online course is distinct because it’s not just about writing code, but about how and why the code works the way it works. Because this is the ideal blend of theory and practice. Because it focuses not only on tiny examples of coding, but also on real-world initiatives and instances of use.

So you will be a competent JavaScript developer by the end of the course, capable of writing, understanding and debugging JavaScript code using all the strong characteristics that the language provides us.

In this course, this is precisely what we are covering:

• All the basics of JavaScript and programming: variables, kinds of information, boolean logic, if / else statements, loops, features, items, arrays, etc.

• All you need to understand to obtain profound knowledge of how JavaScript operates behind the scenes: context execution, hoisting, scoping, keyword’ this’ and more.

• How to communicate with JavaScript code: DOM manipulation. Learn how webpage components can be selected and changed, generate fresh components, and manage DOM events.

• Complex JavaScript features like feature builders, prototype heritage, first-class characteristics, closures, binding and applying techniques, and more.

• We will code 3 lovely real-world applications to apply our understanding and discover fresh ideas (I provide HTML and CSS startup code for these projects).

• Learn how to use modules and features to organize and structure your code, how to build information privacy and encapsulation, and why this is so essential.

• What’s new in the latest JavaScript version: new ES6/ES2015 features.

• JavaScript asynchronous: event loop, promises, AJAX calls, and APIs.

• Modern JavaScript 2018: Learn how to set up a contemporary NPM, Webpack, Babel, and ES6 development workflow.

Let’s see if this course is for you now. It’s fitting perfectly if …

Student #1: You want a profound knowledge of the world’s most common programming language: JavaScript.

Student #2: You took other courses on JavaScript, but: 1) still don’t really understand JavaScript, or 2) still don’t feel comfortable about coding real-world applications. This is the ideal online course for you!

Student #3: You want to use common libraries/frameworks such as React, Angular or Node.js.

Student #4: In particular, you want to start programming: JavaScript is a excellent language for learning how to code.

It’s now up to you to decide.

• Access to quality HD videos for life. No subscription on a monthly basis. Learn whenever you want at your own pace.

• Closed captions in English (not Udemy’s auto-generated captions).

• All videos are available for download. Learn wherever you want, without a connection to the Internet!

• The start code and the final code for each section can be downloaded.

• Free useful Q&A support when questions are asked or stuck.

• Multiple coding difficulties (including alternatives) to exercise your fresh abilities.

• A final course examination with 30 issues to test your understanding of JavaScript.

Sounds fantastic? Then begin this adventure today by clicking on the button “Take this course” and join me in the only JavaScript course you need!

Who’s this course for?
  • If you want to acquire a profound knowledge of the world’s most common programming language: JavaScript, take this course.
  • If you’ve taken other JavaScript courses, take this course but: 1) still don’t really understand JavaScript, or 2) still don’t feel confident about coding real-world applications. This is the ideal course for you!
  • If you are interested in using famous libraries/frameworks such as React, Angular or Node, take this course.
  • If you want to start programming in particular, take this course: JavaScript is a excellent language for learning how to code.

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