Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product

Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product Download

Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product Download

One of these courses Amazon FBA must be authorized by Alibaba, the leading platform for global wholesale trade.

What you will learn
  • Specify 1 for imported products (with high confidence that it will be profitable to sell on Amazon FBA)
  • Find the best 2-3 suppliers for you to order samples of your products from
  • Having a deep understanding of how to model the Amazon FBA work (Private Labeling)
  • Having a deep understanding of why we want to import our products from China, and how to communicate with Chinese suppliers
  • Know the product categories to focus on the best and the worst (this can make or break your business even before you start!)
  • Find a product with high potential to become profitable (using the Select Product Our Cheat Sheet)
  • Calculate Basic Product Criteria score for the product (our special method to decide whether or not a product has a high potential)
  • Calculate the Advanced Product scoring criteria for the product (even more criteria to ensure you are confident that your product will benefit BEFORE you import)
  • How to find high-quality Chinese suppliers and communicate with them (using our cheat sheet Alibaba Message)
  • Calculate the potential profit you can expect to make from your new product
  • How to research the competition for your product (know the important things to look for)
  • Learn the secrets of how to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors
  • Having a desire to start a business Amazon FBA
  • At least 10 hours to dedicate to finding a profitable product
  • Access to a reliable internet connection
  • No tools required paid as a tool required for this course free

We recently collaborated with Alibaba to update our course content (including adding many new colleges) making it one of the only Amazon FBA programs that must be authorized by Alibaba, the leading platform for global wholesale trade.

The Enormous Amazon FBA Opportunities

You already know there is a big chance of Amazon FBA. But you may not know exactly how big it really …

In the next 15 seconds, I will explain why so many people, like you, a very great pleasure …

Last year, in 2016, Amazon’s 200 plus million customers buy $ 136 billion dollars worth of products.

Most importantly, 45% + of sales come from third-party sellers (these are people like you)

In 2016, 100,000 people have each made more than $ 100,000 in sales of Amazon FBA their business.

At Amazon 100.000 People Made Over $ 100,000 In Sales Last Year

I graduated from Penn State University and the football stadium we are one of the largest in the world holds a little over 100,000 people. Imagine every single seat in the stadium is filled with someone who makes more than $ 100,000 in sales of their FBA business!

Not only is Amazon FBA a great opportunity, but also continues to grow! 2016 was another record year for the company.

It is easy to see why you are so eager to start a business of your own Amazon FBA.

So, what’s the problem?

3 hurdles Are Stopping You

We received 60 survey responses for this question and found there were three barriers that stop most people from creating their business Amazon FBA.

I bet that at least one of these stop you now.

Roadblock # 1 – You have a lack of knowledge about what to do and the more you try to learn more overwhelmed you feel.

Roadblock # 2 – You have a fear of failure. And from the fear that the strongest are losing the money you invest

Roadblock # 3 – You do not know how to find the right product to sell

In other words … you do not have the right knowledge and the fear of failure and losing your money.

The More You Try To Get ‘Right of Knowledge’ The More You Feel Overwhelmed

This annoying problem. The more time you spend looking for ‘true knowledge’ about how to start a business Amazon FBA increasingly overwhelmed you feel.

And the more overwhelmed you feel greater fear you fail and lose your money.

Finally, this fear will grow to the point where you give up on starting a business Amazon FBA.

Or, instead of giving up you will say, “I’m just going to start a business Amazon FBA me later.”

But we both know that “later” never comes. And even if you were to start later, the opportunity will not be as big as it is now because of increasing competition.

Can you imagine how many people will succeed in making the business $ 100,000 per year Amazon FBA is not because they give up before they even begin?

In 2013 and with only his $ 500 Amazon FBA Erik Starting a Business

After years of selling items on eBay, Erik gets tired of doing everything himself.

Every few weeks new product shipments will arrive at the apartment. He packed every one of the products themselves and make daily trips to the local post office.

He made money but does not create a profitable business he wanted. Instead, he has created a full-time job.

In 2013 Erik first heard about Amazon FBA. The idea is interesting! All he has to do is going to ship all products to Amazon and they will do the job for him.

At first, Erik Amazon FBA Businesses Are Failing

With less than $ 500 to invest Erik decided to try to start a business Amazon FBA. Does he have success? Not. It failed, quickly.

He is one small step away from giving up on the Amazon platform completely. He decided to give it one last chance. This is it.

He began tinkering with Amazon listing and sales slowly began to rise.

Most people would say a small amount of this success is not worth the effort. But Erik saw the potential. This led him to spend years searching the Amazon out.

In the process, he wasted a huge amount of time and money but he learned. For him, it is the most important thing.

After Year Trial And Error Erik Learning A TON And Now Has $ 11 231 in Sales Every Month

Over time he turned the original investment of $ 500 on Amazon Amazon FBA for businesses that currently generate $ 11 231 per month. And the best part?

He only spent two hours a week maintaining it.

He became one of those 100,000 people at Beaver Stadium.

But it was not until Erik started teaching Amazon FBA to one of his friends that things got interesting …

Erik Found Most Important Part Of Making Amazon FBA Profitable Business

After years of experience, Erik realizes the MOST important part of creating a profitable business Amazon FBA was choosing the right product.

It is also the first place every beginner should start when creating their Amazon business.

Earlier we talked about the three barriers that stop people. To help you overcome the challenges we know of course we have to be different.

By combing his own expertise, an eLearning Expert teach more than 42,000 students, and Erik Rogne, an Amazon FBA, we have created a unique program that solves all three of these obstacles.

Solutions For Three obstacles Are Stopping You

Roadblock No. # 1 – You have a lack of knowledge about what to do and the more you try to learn more overwhelmed you feel.

Our solution: We make this course of action is focused. Feeling overwhelmed and lack of knowledge comes from learning too much but did not take action.

In the 25 videos in our courses, you get one action step to complete. Then we walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how to complete that step.

Roadblock No. # 2 – You have a fear of failure. And from the fear that the strongest are losing the money you invest

Our solution: Almost everyone who failed in the Amazon FBA and lose their investment to do so because they choose the wrong product.

That is why we decided to focus our entire course of this. That’s what counts!

Roadblock No. # 3 – You do not know how to find the right product to sell

Our solution: We have taken all of the guesswork and the chance of this process. You will keep an eye on our shoulders as we walk you through every step of finding a profitable product.

To make things easier we have made 11 sources PDF does all the work for you.

This PDF to tell you what factors make a good product. Your product either passed or not.

You can not do wrong.

Our Brand New Course Is Already Helping Students Learning Knowledge 2,000+ Right And Take Action!

Of course, we released in February 2017 and already have helped students learn the correct knowledge, overcome their fear of failure and most importantly give them the confidence to take action!

Very informative, perfect speed, and more importantly … interactive!

-Robbie Hartzell

This is the best road in the Amazon FBA I have found. It contains everything needed for Amazon FBA your trip …

-Elearning Teacher

Great information, structured and organized. Very good job!

-Onofrei Razvan

Obviously, systematic, informative, structured, and of course very practical.

Of course, this makes the process of researching products and suppliers to order your products easily.


Here Is Our offer:
  • You get 40 videos confusion-crush
  • 25 of the video-based action
  • 11 interactive PDF forms that do all the work for you
  • BONUS: Excel Definition List – Learn the insider language
  • BONUS: Excel Profit Margin Calculator – Calculate the profit margin automatically
  • BONUS: Excel Supplier Comparison Sheet – Manage and compare all of your potential suppliers
  • BONUS: access to our FB community (150 + members and growing)
30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

For $ 200 you get lifetime access to all this material, bonus, our FB community and answers to any questions you may have.

You also get this Udemy no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee. You can go through the entire program, and if you decide it’s not for you, they get your money back in full.

This is a risk-free investment. You have nothing to lose.

Get Instant Access Course This And All Of The Bonus Material

The best time to start a business Amazon FBA now!

To get instant access to the course and all bonus material click on the green button “Buy Now” in the top right corner.

Enroll in this course now. Do not put it off for later. 3 months from now you would like to have your own profitable business Amazon FBA and not ask yourself what could have been.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset who are looking for financial freedom in their lives but do not know what action should be taken to start a business of their Amazon FBA

Created by Eric John Campbell, Erik Rogne, US
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