Shopify E-Commerce Websites for Beginners & Freelancers

Shopify E-Commerce Websites for Beginners & Freelancers Download

Shopify E-Commerce Websites for Beginners & Freelancers Download

How to build an e-commerce business with shop online

What you are going to learn
  • How to create Websites for E-Commerce use Shopify to sell products online.
  • Students will learn how to resell Shopify websites as an extra benefit for my freelance graphic design company to my clients during a real case study.
  • Beginner to Advanced website settings and tricks to make your website look exactly as you would like and suit your brand to.
  • Coming soon: How to plan and synchronize apparel with gout shipping partners.
  • Soon to come: Photoshop tips for making your photos of your product look professional.
  • With basic computer skills, know how to use a Mac or PC.
  • No previous information is required on Shopify, Aliexpress, Oberlo, dropshipping or e-commerce.
  • Register for a 14-day FREE Shopify membership trial to follow in and create your own custom e-commerce site. After 14 days, you’ll need to subscribe to Shopify’s service to keep your new site active.

This course is different from most courses available on Shopify. Yes, like most courses, with the absolute basics, as well as instruction, tips and tricks for the more advanced features and settings I’ll have you up and running quickly.

Plus, I will show you how I use these skills (building websites for e-commerce) to create high-value websites for my customers, and how I charge them to do so. Not only that, as a partner with the Shopify Partners program you can also make additional revenue just off referrals.

Even if you don’t want to freelance and just want to create your own online store, there’s no problem! I’m going to show you all you need to know to continue your e-commerce journey.

I have over 12 years of experience creating websites and e-commerce channels in the creative arts industry, and over 100,000 students have been enrolled throughout all of my courses. Learning how to build my customer’s e-commerce websites was a topic that frequently came up in student questions and I want to show you my exact process along the way.

I used to only use WooCommerce to create my WordPress e-commerce pages, but I was extremely impressed with Shopify and my customers had good luck with the application, too. I highly recommend Shopify and I know that you will love it!

This course was launched in September 2019 and is brand new. If you see the topics you want to add to this course or the features you need to update, please let me know! Alongside this course, I’m creating my own personal e-commerce website and I’m going to show you (coming soon) how I design my apparel and set up my dropshipping. Keep tuned for more!

Student Feedback

Derrick has done a great job describing Shopify to a beginner like me so well!! Thank you, Derrick, for this tutorial, Grace De Guzman, it saved me loads of hours trying to figure out how to build an e-commerce website. I started another course for WP but it didn’t work because it took me a lot of time and I just wanted to build my online store quickly and it’s really easy to understand and follow along. Thanks, again-Thanks Vilmar Borges, Derrick! All done! Well done! It highly recommended to all beginners out there. Corpuz Brian C.

Who the course is for:
  • My current students in graphic design who are curious about building e-commerce websites as an additional service they can provide for their independent business
  • New entrepreneurs who want to sell their products online and understand how to create their own website for e-commerce
  • Freelancers wishing to be able to offer their customers more services by creating e-commerce websites
  • Anyone wishing to construct a Shopify e-commerce website to start their own business

Created by Derrick Mitchell
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