How to Use the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

How to Use the WordPress Gutenberg Editor Download

How to Use the WordPress Gutenberg Editor Download

Being comfortable with the WordPress Editor block. Use to customize your posts and pages.

What you will learn
  • How to use WordPress editor block known as Gutenberg
  • All blocks are available and their settings
  • How to reuse your favorite block, including how to export them so that you can use on other sites
  • How to add a more powerful block to those who come with WordPress
  • You must have a WordPress site
  • You should have some basic knowledge of WordPress (I add posts)

WordPress 5.0 introduced a new block editor called Gutenberg, but it is not always intuitive to use. Perhaps you’ve tried to use it, but do not quite get it, or you’re not sure how all the blocks and work settings.

In this course, you will learn how to use all the blocks that are currently available when you install WordPress. You will begin to go on a tour of a common interface for posting, and then move on to learn about the standard interface for each block Gutenberg. Then you will see how each block worked out in detail.

If you do not know how to do what you want to use blocks that come with WordPress, you will learn how you can add more blocks to your editing toolbox.

You will also learn how you can reuse the block, and if you really like the blocks that you have created and want to use it on more than one website, you will learn how to do it well.

No matter whether you are an experienced WordPress user or you are working with WordPress for the first time, sometimes you just want someone to show you how to do something so that you do not need to spend hours researching yourself. After taking this course, you will be comfortable working with the WordPress editor Gutenberg and be on your way to structuring your content exactly as you want it to appear.

Who this course is for:
  • WordPress users who want to learn how to use the editor Gutenberg
  • WordPress users who want to build their basic knowledge of the editor Gutenberg

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