Digital Voice Cloning using Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Digital Voice Cloning using Artificial Intelligence in 2020 Download

Digital Voice Cloning using Artificial Intelligence in 2020 Download

Create a digital voice that sounds like you’re on the audio samples using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) this year

What you will learn
  • Knowing the importance of voice-cloning technology that is far superior to the TTS (Text to Speech) conversion
  • Clone your voice using Artificial Intelligence Tools like Lyrebird, iSpeech, etc.
  • Know about a special cloud tool that can make sounds fictitious to audiobooks
  • Know about a special cloud appliance that can clone your voice in a matter of minutes with a bulk upload
  • There is no. However, the spirit and interest to learn this unique technology are required.

Voice cloning technology on the Internet today is relatively accessible. Believe it or not.

The course “Digital Voice Cloning using Artificial Intelligence Tools” created by Digital Marketing Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan” primarily concerned with explaining the Montreal-based AI startup named “Lyrebird” which provides an online platform, when trained on 30 or more recordings, can imitate someone. Lyrebird is in Descript AI research division, the current and the team is building a new generation of tools for media editing and synthesis that makes it more accessible content creation and expressive. Sounds like a wow factor, this new nerve voice technology cloning of Lyrebird (discussed in the course) synthesizes the voice of a man of audio samples fed to it.

What Voice-Cloning and how this program can be the next big revolution in technology in 2020?

Cloning voice according to speech modeling generative multiple-shot conditioned on the identity of the speaker.

Typically, cloning requires hours of recorded speech sound to build a dataset and then use the dataset to train a new voice model. embeddings each speaker can be applied to the synthetic voice of random words or phrases – still intact, or even the user can enter their own text and tools of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will voice them. This means that the AI ​​tool can voice the words, sentences, and phrases that you have not even talked at all, p. But, of course, illustrates the secrets that can actually go a long way to change the world for the better sound. no longer. new technology tools are growing and in fact – this groundbreaking Real-Time Voice Cloning Tools allows people to clone the sound of one set of audio samples. Some voice-cloning tool has built-in capabilities that you can use or influence within the device itself recording.

This course serves to be a game-changer this year and beyond because it allows you to change the recorded words and phrases with synthesized speech audio that is tonally blended with its surroundings – after audio samples that you eat for it resolved. Would not that get the heart?

Why wait?

Sign up now, start today and evokes the brilliance of the use of Artificial Intelligence cloning voice and TTS (text to speech) and be surprised like you never have. It is time for AI to govern the world of sound and so on.

Who this course is for:
  • Employers who want to build a large library of audio content in the fastest way possible
  • Bloggers and Podcast makers who want to change their text to audio through cloning tool AI Voice
  • Digital Marketers who want to create a lot of audio content with the power of AI Voice cloning tool
  • video production studio experts who want to clone their sound to incorporate in future projects they
  • passionate individuals who are interested in learning sound-cloning technology for their research purposes
  • Students who wish to witness the next revolution in audio technology

Created by Srinidhi Ranganathan, Saranya Srinidhi
English [Auto-generated]
346 MB

DOWNLOAD [Google Drive]

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