Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey

Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey Download

Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey Download

Master Python 3! Use story-based learning to go from novice to be able to make a real program with Python!

  • A computer with internet access.
  • Permission to download files and Python on your computer

Welcome to the Python Masterclass Journey Finished!

I’m Jose Portilla and my most popular Python instructors on the Udemy platform. I have been teaching in the Python programming Fortune 500 company and I am very excited to bring the same quality material for Udemy! Python is used by some of the largest companies in the world to achieve all kinds of tasks.

We utilize project-based learning to effectively teach and provide the skills to put on your resume. We have many projects and assignments for you to practice what you learn.

In addition, we have a Question and Answer forum where Teaching Assistants and myself are here to help answer any questions you may have, we also have a chat channel where you can talk with other students to collaborate on projects of your own!

We will cover many topics in this course! Including:
  • Fundamental data types Python as numbers, variables, lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets, and more.
  • Key Flow Control – This is a logic that helps run your code, as if, Elif, and other statements.
  • Loops – We’ll show you how to become an expert user for loop and while loop so that you can effectively program.
  • Function – you will learn how to create clean, reusable functions that help automate tasks that you repeat.
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) – We’ll explain OOP with a clear and confident manner, helping you master one of the most powerful features.
  • Web Scraping – Learn to use BeautifulSoup and Demand library to do web scraping.
  • CSV File – You will be able to use the CSV library is built to work with the data CSV.
  • PDF File – Learn about PyPDF2 library that allows you to read PDF files pro grammar.
  • Zip File – See how Python can zip file and extract information from the already compressed zip file.
  • OS modules – Discover how to perform the operating system level commands with the module.
  • Pictures – You will learn how to edit and resize images.
  • Decryption and Encryption – See how to use the library in cryptography to encode and decode the encrypted message.
  • Geographical mapping – We’ll show you how to use Python in conjunction with the Google Maps API to update the plot on the map!
  • and much more!

All of this content also comes with a money-back guarantee 30-day, so you can try the program risk-free for a full 30 days.

I’ll see you on the course!

Jose Portilla

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in learning how to program in Python!

Created by Jose Portilla
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