Chess Tactics Essentials

Chess Tactics Essentials Download

Chess Tactics Essentials Download

An Easy Guide in Chess Tactics

What you will learn
  • Students will learn to recognize and use the tactics of chess is most often the case.
  • Students will be prepared for more advanced learning and strong chess opponent.
  • Students will be tournament ready.
  • basic knowledge of how all of the chess pieces move.

Whether you are a beginner or hobby chess player who wants to start winning a lot more games?

“Chess is 99 percent tactics.” – Richard Teichmann

The course most often break chess tactics (but strong!) So that anyone can pick them up and hire them against their opponents.

You will learn these powerful chess tactics from professional chess coaches over 10 years who really take the results of the students seriously.

Each college has a PDF companion on the additional ingredients that are highly recommended to be studied with the college over-the-board.

Students who use both video lectures and accompanying PDF that will reap the best result in terms of the level of play and tactical ability but simply watch a lecture course they will substantially improve the tactical level every chess player and practical results.

If you need an extra boost to the course, just listen to some good words of my wonderful students! 🙂

“By the way you give a great lesson, I was raised by 50 elo within 2 days following the video and writing, great stuff, keep it up!” – N. Tomasevic (Serbia)

“You are a beautiful chess coach. Your passion for the game and dedication to the improvement of student you are only a few factors why more people need guidance so great.
I only had like 10 lessons with you and in less than 3 weeks I jumped 200-300 rating points in chess dot com “-. E. Franca (Australia)

“To have a one on one conversation with Brendan is like having my mind open tenfold.
His patience, knowledge, enthusiasm, perseverance, speed of thought has me amazed.
You do not play chess if you have not talked to Brendan. I have returned the speed of thought through coaching, and, yes, good point, too. “- T. Kaufman (France)

Ready to get started? Click “Take This” now and we’ll start!

Who this course is for:
  • Early chess/hobby and tournament player under 1600 ELO
  • Anyone who wants to improve their chess in a way that is quite large.
Chess Tactics Essentials Download

Created by Brendan J. Norman
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