3D Visualization For Beginners: Interior Scene with 3DS MAX

3D Visualization For Beginners: Interior Scene with 3DS MAX Download

3D Visualization For Beginners: Interior Scene with 3DS MAX Download

Create stunning images with 3dsmax, Corona renderer, and Photoshop. Learn skills in just 4 days of real experts.

What you will learn
  • Create a beautiful interior scene using 3DS MAX and rendering engine Corona
  • Understanding how to post-process 3D rendering in Photoshop
  • 3DS MAX skills you have acquired in this course will be useful as a base for mastering another advanced topic such as animation or visual effects.
  • Being people-ready work in the 3D visualization industry
  • Photoshop basic knowledge will help although not required


When the course is being updated to the latest version of 3ds Max 2019 and Corona 3. You can find the video at the bottom of the new school curriculum. After all the new school is completed, the old version of the video lesson will be deleted. All free updates for existing students.


architectural visualization is a skill needed in every architecture and development of the property business. Why? Because architects require them to present their design and property developers need them to make a sale. the demand is very high but not many people are willing to master it; think it is a tricky thing to master. Well not anymore! This course will teach you effective ways to create a beautiful architectural 3D visualization using 3DS MAX and Corona renderer with only a fraction of the time normally required. Not years. Not months. In only 4 days you will master the knowledge to create stunning 3D renderings and become a fully-ready job in the industry. Or if you are like me; create your own 3D visualization company and make a lot of money out of it!

This course is designed for the complete beginner so no previous experience is required. On the other hand, peppered 3DS MAX users can still benefit from this course as we will cover the topics more specific in this case of course like Corona renderer and post-processing in Photoshop. If you know VRay before and want to explore cheaper alternatives but better then VRay you definitely need to take this course. How do I know that? Since I have been using V-Ray before and just switched to Corona after finding out the hidden strengths. As I mentioned, we will use the software in this course are 3DS MAX, Corona renderer, and Photoshop in this course. the trial version will be enough because we do not need more than 30 days to complete the entire program.

First, we will discuss the basic things in 3DS MAX. Then we move to different 3D modeling techniques. We will cover a lot of exercise projects designed to develop the skills you step-by-step. After that we will deepen our knowledge of lighting, materials, and rendering using a rendering engine Corona. Our final project was to build an interior scene from the beginning; from modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and finally retouch in Photoshop.

Besides lifetime access to professional-quality video lessons, you will also get all the project files included: 3DS MAX file, image file final texture and composition of Photoshop. And also I would add a bonus lesson in these courses every month so be sure to check them out!

So why wait? Taking a course out and take your first step to become a 3D artist or entrepreneur 3D! Whatever you choose to be. Because there is NO RISK in taking this course. If you find a course I was not fit for you or for whatever reason; You can get a full 100%, absolutely no conditions attached, without question, a refund directly from Udemy. How cool is that?

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for beginners who have never used 3DS MAX before
    also suitable for 3DS MAX users who want to explore new rendering engine Corona

Created by Widhi Muttaqien, S.Kom, MMSI
English [Auto-generated]
3.2 GB

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