Front End Component Architecture (React and Angular)

Front End Component Architecture (React and Angular) Download

Front End Component Architecture (React and Angular) Download

Front End Component, Understand how to build a large scale, enterprise-grade front end application

What you’re going to learn

  • The student must learn how to take on a complex UI-UX model and create all the different components that can then be implemented either in reaction, direction, or view.


  • Yes, the student must have access to concept drawing diagrams, concept drawing a mind map, visual studio, and visual studio code.


My name is Ebenezer Ogbu, and I am a full-stack developer, which means I design both front-end and back-end applications. When it comes to front-end applications, I find that there is not always much thought given to designing the components that we incorporate in our applications. That means that the full power of most of our front-end frameworks, including React Angular, and Vue, is not fully utilized.

This gap has led me to develop this video that takes you through the process of identifying UI UX design components and any required documents and then implementing those components in our applications.

In this practice, I discussed the concepts of using mind maps to define, name and number components.

I moved to implement the components in our applications after identifying, naming and transferring the details to a mind map.

Next, in a react framework, we started implementing the components. I showed how to layout the folder to enable us to implement our component architecture and then showed how to create the individual components in our module.

Then I showed how to implement the same components in Angular.

Who is this course for:

Intermediate to senior software developers wanting to explore a method that allows them to easily and repeatably generate the different front end components from a complex design.

Front End Component Architecture (React and Angular) Download

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