Advanced Techniques with Brushes in Photoshop CC

Advanced Techniques with Brushes in Photoshop CC Download

Advanced Techniques with Brushes in Photoshop CC Download


The brush tool allows you to paint your picture in a way that really makes your final photo a work of art. Hollywood high-end retoucher Lisa Carney goes deeply into how to navigate and take advantage of the opportunities provided by brush equipment. Since Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC ® updates in 2017, it has become much easier to use brushes.

Lisa is going to teach:

  • How to make custom brushes
  • The collection of techniques
  • How to illustrate the “non-painter” in Photoshop ®
  • Touching with hair and skin brushes

Inside Adobe Photoshop there are many different ways to use brushes, and with this in-depth course, you will start to master them.

Program of the lessons

  • Class Introduction
  • Brush Options
  • Brush Management
  • Brush Tools
  • Stamp Brushes
  • Concept Brushes
  • Impressionist Brush
  • Impressionist Brush Settings
  • Create Your Own Brush
  • Paper Choices, Patterns & Textures
  • Hair & Fur
  • Small Details with Brushes
  • Smudge Vs Mixer Brushes
  • Blender Brushes
  • Mixer with Layer Style
  • Leaf & Grass Brushes
  • Lisa’s Favorite Brushes
  • Oil Painting Brushes
  • Brush as Mask
  • Water Color Brushes
  • Brush on a Path
  • Brush Settings
Course Created by Lisa Carney
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